Works / 2007

Shadow Box (Shed) 2007 by Katy Bowman

Shadow Box (Shed)  2007

Found timber, door, box and objects.


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Shed (Interior) 2007 by Katy Bowman

Shed (Interior)  2007

Found materials and objects.


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Bird 2007 by Katy Bowman

Bird  2007

Found wooden box, taxidermy Budgie, found objects.

H: 35cm W: 40cm D: 15cm

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Shed 2007 by Katy Bowman

Shed  2007

Found roofing tin, timber, windows, furniture and objects.

W: 200cm x L: 260cm H: 250cm

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Eternity 2007 by Katy Bowman

Eternity  2007

Second hand wool blanket, woolen dressing gown, dressing gown cord, timber.

L: 180cm H: 70cm D:5cm

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Preserves (detail) 2007 by Katy Bowman

Preserves (detail)  2007

Second hand preserving jars, photographic transparensies


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R.I.P. 2007 by Katy Bowman

R.I.P.  2007

Second hand business shirts, cardboard, found wooden frame, found shoes,embroidery,


Sleeping 2007 by Katy Bowman

Sleeping  2007

Second hand blanket, dressing gown and hotwater bottle, recylcled timber.

L:165cm W:70cm

Gone 2007 by Katy Bowman

Gone  2007

Kraft paper, black paint, chalk, found frame and underpants.

L:180cm x W:115cm