Performance archive / The Cone Project

Director/Devisor: Katy Bowman

Associate Director: Daryl Pellizzer

Designer: David Bell

Fusing performance and installation The Cone Project uses as its starting point the idea of subtle change and transformation as a constant in our lives. The very form of a cone embodies this concept containing within it ever expanding volume – from a single point to three dimensional space – and acts as a sort of spotlight on the world putting both human experience and the environment under the microscope. The project is site specific and subtly transforms during the entire performance season. The work uses the sites like giant stage sets, inhabiting and drawing focus to them. Although complete in themselves, the installations also act as the environment for performance events that transform them in some way, thus creating multiple permutations of theme and image.

















Handspan Visual Theatre’s The Cone Project was an initiative of Southgate Arts & Leisure Precinct and the Victorian Arts Centre in partnership with The Age Artstate ’99 and was supported by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.













Peep Cones

Cone Project Flames








The Cone Project - Fire


 The Cone Project -Chef  
 Silver Cones