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MoMO is an ephemeral museum created, collected and curated by Katy Bowman and Neil Thomas, in collaboration with local artists.

Manifesting for short periods in different settings, MoMO directs focus to the ordinary, the everyday and things that have been discarded, overlooked or are on the cusp of disappearing. It is a museum 'in process', committed to inquiry and discovery. It is a site-sensitive institution in a constant state of becoming.







(mis)Information Bureau (MoMO) City Gallery 2006

Front window of (mis) Information Bureau  






Lost & Found (MoMO) City Gallery 2005

Photo: Louis Porter

Blue Rinse Club  






Blue Rinse Club (MoMO) MIFA 2004








Publicly Curated Exhibit - MoMo Ghent 2003

MoMO Terschelling wide view 2  






Installation view MoMO Terschelling  2003








Installation view MoMO Terschelling 2003

Tony Blairs Teddy Bear  





The Very Yellow Dog - installation detail (MoMO) London International Festival of Theatre 2003










Installation detail (Maquette) MoMO Zurich Theatre Festival 2002

Photo: Neil Thomas










Front entrance MoMO Zurich Theatre Festival 2002











Neil Thomas and Katy Bowman in the MoMO shop 2001

Photo: Laslo Dudas





Jock the Racing Possum MoMO 2000

Photo: Neil Thomas

 LifeCycle of a tennis ball  





Life Cycle of a Tennis Ball MoMO 2000

Photo: Neil Thomas