Exhibitions / Summer Artist in Residency Show YSG

15.03.2015 to 15.03.2015

Yarra Sculpture Gallery Summer Residency Exhibition of works created during a 2 month artist in residence.

Untitled(curtain) 2015 by Katy Bowman

Untitled(curtain)  2015

Polythene sheeting, plastic produce bags, sticky tape.

H:3 metres x W: 2 metres

Light_pockets 2015 by Katy Bowman

Light_pockets  2015

Flat tube plastic, coloured water


Clutch 2015 by Katy Bowman

Clutch  2015

Paper bags,bulldog clip

H:20cm W:40cm D:20cm

Jewels 2015 by Katy Bowman

Jewels  2015

Flat tube plastic, coloured water

H: 7.5cm W:15cm D:10cm

Cloud 2015 by Katy Bowman

Cloud  2015

Paper bags, monofiliment

1 metre diametre

Light_tubes 2015 by Katy Bowman

Light_tubes  2015

Flat tube plastic, coloured water


Layers 2015 by Katy Bowman

Layers  2015

Pine timber, dowel, wax lunch wrap

W: 120cm D:25cm H:50cm