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Shed (Interior) 2007 by Katy Bowman

Shed (Interior)  2007

Found materials and objects.


Shed1 v.t.  part with, let fall off, disperse, spread abroad (shed light on)

Shed2 n. one story building for storing goods etc. or for use as a workshop

Sometimes the things we throw away can tell us as much or more about ourselves than the things we choose to keep.

Sheds can be places of contemplation, personal storehouses, intimate museums, and places of transition. They are filled with memories and stories, and contain the relics of a disappearing world.

Whilst conducting research for this installation Katy Bowman encountered Gary Ling (Stan’s son) in the process of emptying the contents of his late fathers shed into a number of large skips.

Known to his family and friends as ‘the man who never threw anything away’ Stan had literally filled his shed to the brim leaving his son with the task of either sorting through 50 years of accumulated stuff or throwing it away.

Shed is an imaginative recreation of Stan Ling’s shed and homage to sheds in general: most of the artefacts contained in this installation were salvaged from his actual shed.