Exhibitions / Dead Men's Clothes

05.03.2007 to 24.03.2007



Dead Men’s Clothes is a life-affirming exhibition that explores themes around death remembrance and biography.


Constructed from the collected remnants of forgotten lives: intimate items of apparel and everyday objects are reworked and combined to express the ephemeral nature of life and the fragmentary nature of memory.


Old white business shirts are transformed into funeral wreaths and personal and well-worn articles of clothing become the ‘canvas’ on which collections of small objects/images and fragments of embroidered text are built up to trace imagined lives that have echoes in our own.




Eternity 2007 by Katy Bowman

Eternity  2007

Second hand wool blanket, woolen dressing gown, dressing gown cord, timber.

L: 180cm H: 70cm D:5cm

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Preserves (detail) 2007 by Katy Bowman

Preserves (detail)  2007

Second hand preserving jars, photographic transparensies


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R.I.P. 2007 by Katy Bowman

R.I.P.  2007

Second hand business shirts, cardboard, found wooden frame, found shoes,embroidery,


Sleeping 2007 by Katy Bowman

Sleeping  2007

Second hand blanket, dressing gown and hotwater bottle, recylcled timber.

L:165cm W:70cm

Gone 2007 by Katy Bowman

Gone  2007

Kraft paper, black paint, chalk, found frame and underpants.

L:180cm x W:115cm