Exhibitions / Adaptation

28.07.2010 to 15.08.2010

The works in this exhibition include small-scale sculptural works created since her graduation along with new and recent site responsive installations.


In Adaptation Katy explores new processes and approaches in creating her work, in particular out sourcing; laser cutting and translating found 2 dimensional shapes into sculptural forms.


The idea of adaptation also relates directly to the process of adjustment from being a student to the realities of being a practicing visual artist.


Box (Blue) 2010 by Katy Bowman

Box (Blue)  2010

Plastic shot glasses, Perspex

H: 20cm x W: 20cm x D: 20cm

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Untitled (Sillouette) 2010 by Katy Bowman

Untitled (Sillouette)  2010

Laser cut Perspex

W: 30cm H: 24cm (approximate)

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Box (Yellow/Pink 2010 by Katy Bowman

Box (Yellow/Pink  2010

Plastic drinking cups, Perspex

H: 49cm W: 39cm D: 39cm

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Box (Black/White) 2010 by Katy Bowman

Box (Black/White)  2010

MDF, acrylic paint.

L:85cm x W: 28cm x D: 28cm

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Intersect 2010 by Katy Bowman

Intersect  2010

MDF, acrylic paint.

H: 57cm x W: 73cm x D: 73cm

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Intersect#2 2010 by Katy Bowman

Intersect#2  2010

MDF, acrylic paint.

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Adaptation 2010 by Katy Bowman

Adaptation  2010

MDF, acrylic paint, laser cut acrylic